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Vanilla Ice and girls in camo on a stage in Erie, PA on a Thursday at 9 pm

The aforementioned would be a "Block Party."

I would like to talk about Bloc Party because unlike the already aforeaforementioned it makes me want to dance. My friend Julie brought them to my attention a few years ago and I saw them royally dominate Lollapalooza a few years after that. Citing influences such as The Cure, Joy Division, Song Youth and Radiohead I'm not shocked I like them. Plus they're British. Sooooo.. Cute, funny accents and stuff...

(ps - go back....Not that it wasn't cool when Vanilla Ice performed Ninja Rap and invited Northwestern PA's finest women on stage to shake their muffin tops... that actually entertained me.)

Silent alarm is one of my favorite albums and this is one of my favorite songs:

I don't know where the hell they went though I'm worried they broke up... No one has seen or heard of them in like 2 or 3 years. I feel like putting them on a milk carton just to make a point.

sorry for partying.

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